Friday, June 2, 2017

Grateful for an amazing doctor

Walking into Retina Associates to see Dr Swartz had me reminiscing to the first time I visited him wow -- 25 years ago - maybe longer? He turned to me and asked me to tell him about myself - my life. I was more than these eyes that were degenerating. He sent me a clear message to look up, move forward. He sent me a clear message that life was good and he was on my team. He sent me a clear message he would do all he could for my eyesight yet also knew that vision extended way beyond my eyes.
Two weeks ago when I returned for a visit, he told me my maculas were very swollen. He told me "we" are going to fight hard for this last three degrees of vision and need to avoid a macula hole. I loved his passion and once again was reminded how wonderful it is to have incredible people on your team. We started two weeks ago with a regimen of Trusopt eye drops three times a day.
Today the exam revealed the trusopt is not helping. The light in the peephole of vision is going dim. After discussing the options, we are going to continue on with the eye drops for another three weeks. Then, we will turn to Diamox.
I am so grateful for this knowledgeable, kind, caring doctor on my team. Once again he reminded me that vision extended way beyond my eyes as we chatted about life and the many activities we are involved in.

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  1. How wonderful to have this doctor on your team! May Trusopt still offer some benefits. I'm rooting for it and for you.