Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dream Big

Our second retreat:  Daring to Own Your Story just completed.  I am feeling so grateful:  nine beautiful women that were part of this retreat, remarkable colleagues - dear friends that shared their hearts and expertise, a wonderful new intern for the semester that stepped in and was so helpful and an incredible husband.

Bringing a group of women together for a retreat like this has been a dream of mine for years.  To see it happen this summer has truly been amazing.

More details to follow on our next retreats here:

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Caring deeply

Recently I was able to have breakfast with a dear friend and tell her how much she means to me.  Deborah and I served on the GDB Alumni Board together for several years.  I was drawn to her kindness, her ability to communicate so articulately, her sense of humor, her warmth, her love of life, her resilience ... could go on! I had the opportunity to learn from her in many ways - not only some great blind skills but being a loving, caring friend.

I reflect shortly after I experienced a concussion from running into the electric box.  Ouch!  I share about this experience in my book.  I had to miss an important board meeting call.  Deborah sent this incredibly kind, caring, validating email back to me.  She acknowledged my injury (it was a rough concussion); the challenges at times of losing your vision, and simply let me know she cared and was there for me.

Her kindness in such a way gave me that opportunity to 'look up' -- take a breath, acknowledge my wound both emotionally and physically, heal and then move forward.

Love you Deborah - appreciate your friendship, who you are and being such a beautiful example to me.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Stop. Pause. Move Forward.

Stop, pause ... look up and move forward.  Yesterday I had a dental appointment.  I had been to his new office just once.  He moved very near to my office so Georgie and I have a quick walk from Resilient Solutions, Inc to get there.  I walked in the front door of the office building and stopped.  As I peered around all I could see was white.  Oh the joys of a tiny peephole that sometimes you think is helpful, useable vision :).  I paused to think.  Georgie waited patiently.  Then, I remembered from my last time I had walked up some stairs.  Although I did not know where these stairs were I knew that much.  I told Georgie Find the stairs.  She enthusiastically understood this request and began to look for the stairs.  Soon she spotted the stairs around and took me to the first stair and stopped.  Good girl, Georgie.  We got this.

As we arrived up the stairs again we were confused!  Oh dear I really should have gotten some better directions.  Find the door Georgie.  She walked to the first door which was the women's restroom.  Good girl.  Although this wasn't the one I was searching for we were on a search mission together.  We were exploring.  We found the next door and entered in.  Hi Becky as I entered.  We found it.

Stop.  Pause.  Look up. *Trust your guide* Move forward.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Being re-directed

This was the quote I chose to use for Chapter 9 of my book, Look up, move forward.  I reflect on those times of being re-directed to something better.

Any examples come to mind for you?  My journey to becoming a therapist took an added turn as being 'rejected' from my first application to grad school  It's good.  I learned a lot and felt very grateful when I received that diploma and licensure.  I met many new people along the way.  Grateful for the mentors, friendships, lessons learned along the way.

What does this quote mean to you?  Is there an experience that comes to mind for you?