Sunday, July 31, 2016

Daring to Own Your Story Retreat

I have dreamed of putting together a retreat for women from around the country who are all experiencing vision loss.  I visualized it: Empowering.  Connecting.  Full of Adventures.  Great Food.  Affordable.  Lifetime memories.  Laughter.  Utilizing therapeutic tools that I love.

It happened with so many wanting to come that we scheduled a second one in August.  Here is what three of the attendees have shared on their own blogs:

Adventures in Low Vision -

Doublevisionblog - The Dare

Our next one is coming up in a few weeks and I have had several requests for our retreat next summer.  More details to follow.  I kept thinking - so grateful for support from my incredible husband (in this picture of us hiking he is the guide over the little tricky part on the trail); an office where we could hold our meetings,  training that allowed this to happen, colleagues who lended their training and skills and remarkable women that joined us on this journey.  SO GRATEFUL.  

It did not feel like a coincidence that my book - Look up, move forward came out just before this event that I had named:  Daring to Own Your Story.

I love Running

This past Monday I ran with my three dear friends - Alanna, Brenda and Suzette (in the order of the picture above). We ran the DesNews 10K and it was so much fun. This has become such a fun tradition. It is a beautiful, gradual downhill run that ends at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. We ran with the Achilles team. I love running. This is something I would not have dreamed I would be doing and loving after losing most of my vision. So grateful. Thank you dear friends. Thank you little red tether! What do you love?

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Being a light for another

This is the quote I selected for the beginning of Chapter 6 of my book: Look up, move forward. Turning in my driver's license was looming. As a mom with two young children, the concerns of this life change felt overwhelming for both Steve and me. Friends came knocking at the door to let us know they would be there for us. A carpool list was arranged and suddenly this loss seemed manageable. They gave me some of their light to help me in this dark, difficult time. Who has given you light in a difficult time? Who has been there for you? Listened to you - laughed with you - cheered you on - reminded you could do it --Take a moment and write them a thank you letter. You will be glad you did and they will love to receive it.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Look up, move forward

The past two months have been very busy!  My book, Look up, move forward was ready June 1st just in time for a speaking event on June 2nd.  I worked with the remarkable writer Amy Hackworth for the past year on this project.  We laughed and cried as we talked each week about my life's experiences.  I am so grateful for her help in putting my thoughts into beautiful words.  This will be a memory I will forever cherish.  Thank you, Amy for a beautiful experience.  

Amy and Becky with guide dog, Georgie holding the final copy of the book:  Look up, move forward!  
This book title has become a favorite phrase.  How did I choose the title Look up, move forward?  I share this on page 164 of the book with an experience with my guide dog, Cricket and a dear friend Melanie.  

... "I thought you said, "Look up, move forward,"  Melanie said.  "That's exactly what I needed to hear."  She paused.  "Look up, move forward.  It's perfect."

     Melanie heard a gift in my instruction to Cricket, a bit of wisdom that has stuck with both of us.  Cricket gets all the credit for the insight that helped Melanie, and for teaching me a lesson I treasure.

     So often, we're encouraged to just move forward during difficult times or press on through challenging circumstances.  The frequently prescribed remedy is to get moving again, or to keep moving through pain.

     Obviously, I believe in movement - I love movement.  Moving forward does play a role in healing.  But just like I asked Cricket to 'hop up' or 'look up' first, real progress requires a period of refocus, a sort of pause in our lives.

     For me, looking up is often seeking spiritual help, but it can also be taking a moment to look for silver linings, or to bask in gratitude for the beauty in my life.  It's the quiet moment of contemplation or the consideration of my values.  When I take that moment to refocus and reflect on my motivation and desires I find the strength tomove forward with purpose and determination."

This blog is the journey of a therapist, wife, mother, friend, small business owner, author, partner of an amazing guide dog (Georgie), runner, cyclist, lover of shopping and lunches with friends - who happens to be blind.  I look forward to your comments and sharing.  I hope you'll join me in this journey.