Sunday, July 31, 2016

Daring to Own Your Story Retreat

I have dreamed of putting together a retreat for women from around the country who are all experiencing vision loss.  I visualized it: Empowering.  Connecting.  Full of Adventures.  Great Food.  Affordable.  Lifetime memories.  Laughter.  Utilizing therapeutic tools that I love.

It happened with so many wanting to come that we scheduled a second one in August.  Here is what three of the attendees have shared on their own blogs:

Adventures in Low Vision -

Doublevisionblog - The Dare

Our next one is coming up in a few weeks and I have had several requests for our retreat next summer.  More details to follow.  I kept thinking - so grateful for support from my incredible husband (in this picture of us hiking he is the guide over the little tricky part on the trail); an office where we could hold our meetings,  training that allowed this to happen, colleagues who lended their training and skills and remarkable women that joined us on this journey.  SO GRATEFUL.  

It did not feel like a coincidence that my book - Look up, move forward came out just before this event that I had named:  Daring to Own Your Story.

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