Thursday, July 28, 2016

Look up, move forward

The past two months have been very busy!  My book, Look up, move forward was ready June 1st just in time for a speaking event on June 2nd.  I worked with the remarkable writer Amy Hackworth for the past year on this project.  We laughed and cried as we talked each week about my life's experiences.  I am so grateful for her help in putting my thoughts into beautiful words.  This will be a memory I will forever cherish.  Thank you, Amy for a beautiful experience.  

Amy and Becky with guide dog, Georgie holding the final copy of the book:  Look up, move forward!  
This book title has become a favorite phrase.  How did I choose the title Look up, move forward?  I share this on page 164 of the book with an experience with my guide dog, Cricket and a dear friend Melanie.  

... "I thought you said, "Look up, move forward,"  Melanie said.  "That's exactly what I needed to hear."  She paused.  "Look up, move forward.  It's perfect."

     Melanie heard a gift in my instruction to Cricket, a bit of wisdom that has stuck with both of us.  Cricket gets all the credit for the insight that helped Melanie, and for teaching me a lesson I treasure.

     So often, we're encouraged to just move forward during difficult times or press on through challenging circumstances.  The frequently prescribed remedy is to get moving again, or to keep moving through pain.

     Obviously, I believe in movement - I love movement.  Moving forward does play a role in healing.  But just like I asked Cricket to 'hop up' or 'look up' first, real progress requires a period of refocus, a sort of pause in our lives.

     For me, looking up is often seeking spiritual help, but it can also be taking a moment to look for silver linings, or to bask in gratitude for the beauty in my life.  It's the quiet moment of contemplation or the consideration of my values.  When I take that moment to refocus and reflect on my motivation and desires I find the strength tomove forward with purpose and determination."

This blog is the journey of a therapist, wife, mother, friend, small business owner, author, partner of an amazing guide dog (Georgie), runner, cyclist, lover of shopping and lunches with friends - who happens to be blind.  I look forward to your comments and sharing.  I hope you'll join me in this journey.


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