Thursday, March 22, 2018

Special Friendship. Blind Runner & Guide. Three weeks til Boston Marathon

Just a little over three weeks til Alanna and I run the Boston Marathon!!  So excited to be running with Team with a Vision.  We got this!!

What a journey.  After a fall in January my right ankle, knee and thigh have had their challenges.  Cross training on the ellyptical and bike have helped along the way.  An amazing coach has helped individualize my plan with these injuries. 

We will be ready and I am looking forward to savoring the miles in this journey.  There will probably be some tears shed as we walk to the starting point and definitely tears of joy as we cross the finish line.  In the middle most likely some highs and lows.  I love to hear the pounding of everyone's feet on the pavement ... almost insynch with the same goal to get to that finish line.  So many stories of how they got there ... the hard work and sacrifice that brought them to that starting point.

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