Friday, August 5, 2016

Stop. Pause. Move Forward.

Stop, pause ... look up and move forward.  Yesterday I had a dental appointment.  I had been to his new office just once.  He moved very near to my office so Georgie and I have a quick walk from Resilient Solutions, Inc to get there.  I walked in the front door of the office building and stopped.  As I peered around all I could see was white.  Oh the joys of a tiny peephole that sometimes you think is helpful, useable vision :).  I paused to think.  Georgie waited patiently.  Then, I remembered from my last time I had walked up some stairs.  Although I did not know where these stairs were I knew that much.  I told Georgie Find the stairs.  She enthusiastically understood this request and began to look for the stairs.  Soon she spotted the stairs around and took me to the first stair and stopped.  Good girl, Georgie.  We got this.

As we arrived up the stairs again we were confused!  Oh dear I really should have gotten some better directions.  Find the door Georgie.  She walked to the first door which was the women's restroom.  Good girl.  Although this wasn't the one I was searching for we were on a search mission together.  We were exploring.  We found the next door and entered in.  Hi Becky as I entered.  We found it.

Stop.  Pause.  Look up. *Trust your guide* Move forward.

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