Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Caring deeply

Recently I was able to have breakfast with a dear friend and tell her how much she means to me.  Deborah and I served on the GDB Alumni Board together for several years.  I was drawn to her kindness, her ability to communicate so articulately, her sense of humor, her warmth, her love of life, her resilience ... could go on! I had the opportunity to learn from her in many ways - not only some great blind skills but being a loving, caring friend.

I reflect shortly after I experienced a concussion from running into the electric box.  Ouch!  I share about this experience in my book.  I had to miss an important board meeting call.  Deborah sent this incredibly kind, caring, validating email back to me.  She acknowledged my injury (it was a rough concussion); the challenges at times of losing your vision, and simply let me know she cared and was there for me.

Her kindness in such a way gave me that opportunity to 'look up' -- take a breath, acknowledge my wound both emotionally and physically, heal and then move forward.

Love you Deborah - appreciate your friendship, who you are and being such a beautiful example to me.

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