Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Funny blind moment

It was so fun to get a surprise text that Natalie would be in town for a couple days for her work at the Wall Street Journal.  It was a super busy trip for her so we were thrilled to get a couple hours on Saturday morning and Thursday evening after her meetings.  

Funny story about having a blind mom.  She was to come to our office, Resilient Solutions, Inc, at 9:30 on Saturday.  I had a client until 9 and Steve was upstairs working on some lighting for the office.  After my session I was in the breakroom when I heard the front door open.  I thought ... I wonder which of my colleagues is working today.  I expected them to walk around the corner and into the breakroom and say hi then I would recognize their voice and know who it was.  Instead, after a moment 'a lady' walked into the breakroom without saying anything.   I thought it must be a client so I said .. Hi ... 'this lady' started to talk and I quickly realized it was my daughter, Natalie!!! 

We had a good laugh :)!!  

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